'Press Play On Tape' 

3 months, 50 paintings, 70 plus aerosol cans & 1.5 litres of ink......

Every once in blue moon I get a commission that is almost too good to be true....this is one of those! I was commissioned by Queens University School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to come up with an installation that would liven up the main stairwell that connects the students communal areas and and the staff boardroom. 'Make it bold, engaging, intriguing and have fun', that was the brief!....I know! 

We decided early on to 'anchor' the installation (which would be a combination of paintings done off site and images 'grafittied' directly on to the walls) to a kind of 'computer science' timeline.

My involvement in computer science started with home computing on Spectrum's and Vic 20's, video games, popular culture touchstones such as 'Tron' and the fact that for the last 25 years I've made my living as an illustrator using Macs. 

There was a lot of inspiration to choose from!









​© 2014 Andy Hamilton

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